On Halloween Night, When You’ve Finished Eating Candy, Settle Down For Some Scary Horror Films

October 31, 2017 — Halloween is the perfect day for  a collection of first rate horror films, sure to send chills down your spine.

The classic Black Cat: An inspired take on the classic Edgar Allen Poe story, director Louis Falco tells the story of a psychotic, wheelchair bound British psychic who appear to have the ability to record the voices of the dead on tape. He then channels their evil spirits into his cat — who uses the energy to wreak vengeance on his owner’s enemies in the 1981 horror film. Starring Patrick Magee and David Warbeck.

Island of Death is controversial for its truly horrible depiction of barbarism and sadism as tourists Celia and Christopher take perverse and repellent revenge on the Mykonos locals they meet on their travels. Considered a British “video nasty” for the atrocious nature of the ruthless and humiliating acts shown. Directed by horror master Nico Mastorakis.

In Troma’s Killer Nerd, Harold Kunkle is bullied and oppressed by his co-workers and family and dreams of changing his life — becoming cool and popular. When his plan doesn’t work, Harold snaps and become a revenge killer, brutally taking his anger and frustrations out on the people who previously abused him. This horror/comedy is 

Troma starToby Radloff’s first film, and inspired a sequel, Bride of Killer Nerd.

So settle in for a selection of significantly grim horror, perfect for your Halloween viewing.
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