Open a Treasure Trove of Classic “Ernest” Adventures

September 29, 2017 —
You know him, you love him, you think he’s just a little bit whacky. The internationally beloved Ernest is back with some of his most recognizable adventures of all time!

First, our old friend Ernest is back to school in Ernest Goes to School –– first as a janitor and then as a student! When Ernest finds himself in dire straits and in need of a high school diploma, he’s forced to crack open the books once again. But school is tough, and the bullies are even worse. Luckily, Ernest’s unique capabilities and good nature are here to save the day.

Ernest in the Army finds our friend on the hunt for some big rigs, leading him the to the military — and off to combat! Despite his desire to be in the “easy-peasy” reserves, Ernest soon learns that his country needs him, and it’s either put up or shut up in one of the toughest regiments in the Army. Will Ernest make it out alive?

Ernest’s innocent and totally unique look on life means lots of laughs and good-natured comedy, fit for the whole family.

Ernest in the Army, Ernest Goes to School and more are available to stream on Amazon Prime.
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