Original Gangstas

The biggest and baddest stars of Soul Cinema, Fred Williamson (Black Caesar), Jim Brown (Slaughter), Pam Grier (Foxy Brown), Ron O’Neal (Superfly) and Richard Roundtree (Shaft) return to the genre that made them famous in this “big, brassy, overblown, pyrotechnic valentine” (Entertainment Today). Also featuring Isabel Sanford (“The Jeffersons”) as Bookman’s mother, this all-new, all-action tale of slick, ten-fisted retribution “delivers as generous a measure of sensational entertainment as any of the Shaft or Superfly pictures of a generation ago” (Long Beach Press-Telegram). Williamson is Bookman, a former hood who made it to the big time with his smooth football moves. But when the gang he founded back in his hometown starts shooting up the wrong people — including his father — he returns to the old turf, rounds up some of his own posse and begins an all-out street war to return the neighborhood to its rightful state of justice!

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