Pattinson Could Propose To FKA Twigs Soon – Upset Kristen Stewart Calls Twigs: “Fugly”


There have been numerous rumors concerning Kristen Stewart’s response to the relationship between her ex, Robert Pattinson and his new girlfriend FKA Twigs.

Sources close top the couple say that he is very much in love with the young singer.

Some say she’s surprised by how quickly the relationship has evolved. Despite the fact that the two have only been dating for around three months, there is evidence that they are moving in together (they were spotted furniture shopping together recently).

Others contend that she is actually considering moving because the couple has bought a home in her neighborhood and she is serious about not running into them. It is rumored that she has now broken off contact with her ex and no longer pretends they are friendly.

Still nastier: Stewart supposedly was overheard at a party talking about the two. A source insists “At a conversation with close friends at a recent party in Silverlake, Los Angeles, Kristen dissed Twigs’ looks.” The source continued, “Kristen has become very jealous of Rob’s new romance. She was being really hard on Twigs’ looks, calling her fugly. She even commented that Rob can’t be dating her because of her looks.”

If the latest rumor is true, Stewart better get over it. Hollywood Life contends: “Don’t be surprised if you see an engagement ring on Tahliah this holiday season or at least sometime in the very near future. …She is everything and more that Rob has ever dreamed of. They have crazy sexual energy plus they are like best friends. He feels like she brings out the best in him. That she makes him a better person and a more daring, fearless artist.”

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