Patton Oswalt Stars As Paul, The Self-Proclaimed “World’s Biggest New York Giants Fan” In The Bittersweet Comedy “Big Fan”

April 12, 2017 — Paul’s life is not in great shape. 

He lives with his mother on Staten Island, he works the night shift as a parking garage attendant. He is an overweight 35 year old man, with no girlfriend or any likelihood of finding one. 

The only part of his life that gives him any pleasure is being a fan of the New York Giants. He calls in to sports radio stations, he argues with the broadcasters, he listens to everything he can find about his team. 

He and his best friend Sal park in the Giants parking lot for every game, hooking up a portable television to Paul’s car so they can watch in the shadow of their beloved stadium.

One night when the two are out at a pizzeria, they see one of their greatest idols, super star Giant Quantrell Bishop. They follow him as he is driven to a dodgy neighborhood, and continue to tail him as he ends up in a lap-dancing establishment. There, they finally get up the nerve to approach him.

They tell him how incredible he is, how much they admire him, and he accepts the praise. But when he realizes that they have been following him throughout the evening, he freaks out and smashes Paul hard.

When Paul wakes up in the hospital three days later, he learns that he has been operated on for bleeding in the brain and that Bishop has been suspended for his actions. Paul’s brother wants to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the football star, a detective wants Paul to answer questions about the incident. Paul chooses to do neither. He does not know how to step back from his obsession; his fanaticism defines him, so what does he have left if her turns his back on it?

Patton Oswalt was was highly praised for his nuanced and telling portrayal of an obsessed fan.

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