Peter Sellers and Bernard Cribbins Team Up in This Classic Buddy Comedy

October 10, 2017 —
What happens when you combine the comedic forces of internationally beloved icon Peter Sellers and famed character actor Bernard Cribbins? You get the laugh-out-loud riot The Wrong Side of the Law.

When the police begin arriving to the crime scenes before the robberies and protecting the loot, hard boy “Pearly” Gates (Sellers) and local gangster “Nervous” O’Toole (Cribbins) join forces to sniff out the rat among them. The duo runs into trouble with everyone imaginable, from bumbling policeman to big-mouthed bad boys to each other! But will this odd couple be able to get themselves in order quickly enough to detect the traitor in their midst?

You might find yourself rooting for the bad guys by the end of this unlikely buddy comedy!

The Wrong Side of the Law is available to stream on Amazon Prime.
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