Post A Video And Win A Chance To Have A Family — That Is The Surprising World Of “Vegas Baby”

May 18, 2017 — Starting a family is generally an intensely private decision. 

But when the normal fertility routes fail,  some families feel that In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is their only hope for a family of their own.

The second difficulty is that IVF is also extremely expensive. Therefore, a wealthy but infertile family has many more options.

For poor hopeful parents, the choices are limited. IVF is not covered by most insurance. The only way for some of these families to pay for it is by winning a once-a-year contest. The prize is one round of IVF, with no promises. They give up all pretense of privacy or anonymity in order to enter a Las Vegas fertility clinic’s contest.

Amanda Michelli’s provocative documentary Vegas Baby follows several families who try to turn a contest win into a family. 

Those who hope to find an answer to their dilemma post videos on YouTube which tell their stories and their intention of finding a way to the ultimate goal — parenthood.

Most people consider this contest a bizarre and bewildering option, but to these people, who range from a poor Catholic family to a Lady Gaga impersonator, this may be their best possibility.

Stream Vegas Baby on Amazon Video.
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