“Prom Night” Is When The Killing Starts

June 21, 2017 — All kids should have on their minds during Prom Night is staying out of trouble. Graduation, dresses, boys, girls, dancing and more advanced forms of having fun, these are what prom night is all about.

Unless someone starts killing your friends.

This revenge slasher sets up its premise early. A young girl falls to her death after being taunted by her friends. 6 years later, on prom night, 3 of the four friends, none of whom has ever admitted to his/her part in the death, discover that revenge can wait for years.

Scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis stars as the now high school-aged sister to the dead girl; her father is the late, great Leslie Nielsen.

Stream  Prom Night, a true horror/thriller, on Amazon Video.
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