Reviewers Are Ecstatic: “Truman Has To Be One Of The Warmest Bro-mances You’ll Ever Get To See”

January 30, 2017 — Truman, Cesc Gay’s remarkable comedy/drama, has won 29 major awards during its festival run.

The film is a deeply felt and emotionally riveting film about the end of life, male friendship, life’s deepest relationships (which are not always with other people) and the simple beauty of long-standing emotional attachments.

Ricardo Darin, one of the world’s greatest actors, plays Julián, a once-successful actor, who has received a diagnosis of terminal cancer. He is surprised by a visit from an old friend, Tomás, who is aware of his situation and has arrived for what is undoubtedly going to be their last visit together.

The two set out to make final arrangements for Julián’s affairs, including finding a new home for Julián’s beloved mastiff, Truman. This proves to be one of the most important tasks that Julián faces.

Reviews of the film have been stellar:

Variety states: Truman,” Spanish filmmaker Cesc Gay’s wise, wistful and well-observed film about two friends enjoying a final reunion in the shadow of impending death, is by turns amusing and affecting — and quite often both at once — as it focuses on a middle-aged actor’s efforts to put his affairs in order before he faces the final curtain.”

The Hollywood Reporter agrees: “
It’s Gay’s most emotionally direct work to date, … and also his most accessible — a clean-lined, sensitively-written and beautifully played two-hander that tackles complex issues in a refreshingly straightforward, downbeat way.”

MovieReview: “Truman has to be one of the warmest bro-mances you’ll ever get to see. Given it’s between two middle aged men and sits over the ice-cold circumstances of terminal cancer – it’s also one of the most unusual.
This is a film about the troublesome mechanics of friendship, of ageing and the inevitability of dying. Foremost it’s about being human, about courage and generosity. And that’s what makes it so warm. At the centre of the film are two knockout performances by two of the best actors working in Spain – Javier Cámara (Talk To Her) and Ricardo Darín (Wild Tales). There’s not a moment in this film that doesn’t ring true as they reconnect the past and set about the business of the present.”

Truman will be released theatrically later this year.

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