“Robotech” Is A Science Fiction Classic

January 26, 2017 — When an alien spacecraft crash lands on Earth, the technology contained inside becomes the blueprint for creating weaponry and spaceships that humankind will need in order to wage war against the alien forces who are planning to invade.

Robotech, an anime epic based on Carl Macek’s science fiction saga, is a sweeping story of a series of battles and invasions spanning generations, as mankind struggles to maintain its autonomy against the attacking aliens who have superior forces and equipment.

Ten years after the first spaceship crashes, aliens called the Zentraedi arrive to reclaim it. They do not anticipate any difficulties defeating the humans; their technology is so far superior that humans will have no idea how to fight them. But human scientists have been studying the craft throughout the previous decade and have decoded many of its secrets, including its Robotechnology and the means of developing mecha — giant robotic machines which are often able to transform into vehicles. Reverse engineering the alien technology is the only hope that humans have.

The story is broken into three sagas; each corresponds to one of the successive wars between humans and aliens. 

The Macross Saga chronicles the nearly disastrous first war with the Zentraedi; it also introduces protoculture, a power source eagerly sought after throughout the galaxy. Humans meet the Robotech Masters for the first time; the Zentraedi help protect them and patrol their planet.

The second saga, The Robotech Masterschronicles the arrival of the aliens who are determined to locate the source of protoculture. The battle between humans and the Robotech Masters will result in the Earth being covered in the Spores of the Flower of Life — the source of protoculture. This will act as a lure for the aliens who crave protocuture.

The third saga, The New Generation, opens with the invasion of the Invid, an alien society that searches the galaxy for protoculture. The Invid conquer the Earth; the only hope for mankind is the return of small groups of freedom fighters who left the Earth earlier in search of the Robotech Masters. They now have to hurry back to Earth to try to free humankind from Invid rule.

This 85 episode masterpiece of anime art will enthrall all science fiction enthusiasts.

Watch Robotech now.

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