Russell Crowe And Hugo Weaving Star In The Impressive “Proof”

January 30, 2017 — Martin (Hugo Weaving, The Matrix) is a blind man who always wants proof of everything. He does not trust anyone well enough to take their word for anything. 

In his childhood, his mother described a man who was raking leaves in the garden outside Martin’s window. Martin’s mistrust led him to take a photograph of the garden so that he could have proof of what his mother had said or, as an alternative, prove her wrong. He has continued photographing everything, and having people verify what is in the pictures.

His housekeeper, Celia, takes care of him as a means of being part of his life. But she is unable to elicit emotional warmth from Martin and acts out in displays of petty meanness, like hiding things the blind man needs.

She is upset when Martin forms an unexpected friendship, with a plainspoken, honest dishwasher (Russell Crowe, Gladiator) who promises to describe the photographs Martin takes to him; he tells MArtin that he will never lie to him.

Celia does all she can to destroy the trust between the two men, sensing that their friendship could endanger her own bizarre relationship with Martin.

Beautifully acted, quiet and intelligent, Proof won 11 awards during its festival circuit.

Stream Proof on Amazon Video.

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