Secrets From The Past Haunt The Present In The Compelling Mystery “Hidden City,” Starring Charles Dance

March 9, 2017 –A strong sense of paranoia is at the center of Hidden City, a mystery/thriller set in London, where there more the main characters discover that the more they learn, the less they seem to know.

James Richards (Charles Dance, Game of Thrones, The Imitation Game), a government statistician, is inadvertently swept along into a deepening mystery when a researcher send him what appears to be the wrong piece of information — a piece of film he had not asked for. But the researcher, Sharon Newton (Cassie Stuart, Amadeus) explains that the apparent mistake occurred because the mislabelled film was substituted for the film that was supposed to be submitted. And the unexplained film appears to show the abduction of an unidentified young woman.

For some reason, the government has labelled this piece of film “classified.”

As James and Sharon get deeper and deeper into the mystery, it becomes clear that their lives are in danger and that they are in over their heads.

Combining a strong sense of a secret, underground London, a web of conspiracies and a feeling of the past — and especially its secrets — coming back to haunt the present.

Fine performances anchor this intriguing film

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