ON EACH SIDE (A Cada Lado)

Constructing the Rosario-Victoria Bridge in the interior or Argentina is a two-year process, which transforms lives on both sides of the river.

As the bridge takes shape, carefree boys grow into teenagers, a mysterious engineer touches the life of his landlord, and a photographer documents the process of change. But no one is prepared for the transformation that begins only once the bridge is complete. Grosso uses the metaphor of a bridge to reflect the themes of passage, union, and transition in his characters’ lives.

“Atmospheric, unexpected…Grosso nimbly juggles multiple characters and tonalities with a documentarian’s eye for detail. ‘On Each Side’ amply attests to the vitality of new Argentine cinema.”

“Grosso’s work finds dramatic arcs where many would see daily life…On Each Side brings us stories of small peoples’ lives and demonstrates the universal peculiarities that define people as individuals. The narrative is strong and funny, while Grosso’s visuals provide a strong sense of intimacy. “
-Notable Noise

‘On Each Side’ is an official selection of the prestigious, award-winning Global Lens Collection presented by the Global Film Initiative.

In Spanish and German with English subtitles.

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