Some Mysteries Are More Fascinating Than Others

February 8, 2016 — Some mysteries grab our interest and hang on to it.

Often, they are mysteries that go unsolved for significant amounts of time. These are among the most perplexing, fascinating and disturbing. Human beings want answers to their questions.

Or do they?

The acclaimed television series, Unsolved Mysteries, hosted by Robert Stack and Dennis Farina, looked at some of the world’s most remarkable mysteries, including unsolved crimes, unexplained history, possible paranormal activity and incomprehensible human behavior. 

From unsolved murders and conspiracy theories (including investigations into the deaths of Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley and Brandon Lee) to unexplained psychic phenomena and questionable disappearances, Unsolved Mysteries provided tip lines for anyone with information regarding the mysteries presented, and was instrumental in the apprehension and eventual convictions, of numerous suspects.

They reunited people who had lost touch with one another, reconnected families; they also helped bring justice to the wrongfully convicted,

Unsolved Mysteries combines documents, newspapers, interviews and re-enactments to provide viewers with a thorough look at these compelling and perplexing stories.

Unsolved Mysteries is available for streaming on Amazon Video.
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