Some Think Wagner Was A Musical Genius, Others Think He Was A Shallow Racist — Decide For Yourself, Watch The Epic Mini-Series “Wagner”

June 15, 2017 — Willhelm Richard Wagner was a master of complexity, difficulty and confusion.

He was one of the grandmasters of the romantic movement, and yet he was truly a revolutionary; he was a German in all things, who spent 12 years in exile and disliked Jews as less than German. He wrote operas which he refrained from calling operas. He repudiated much of his own work. Some of his most beautiful operas were considered impossible to sing. He was frequently in love with women other than his wife, but had no scruples pretending to a homosexuality he did not feel in order to impress King Ludwig.

Some feel that his music is incomparable — many musicians and artists have felt his influence. Some musicians hated it and considered it to be overly dramatic and easily parodied.

To this day it is not clear how much his music and ideas may have been an influence on the thoughts and view of Hitler, who was one of the composer’s greatest fans. To this day it is difficult to separate Wagner from anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi thought. His writings were bombastic and racist, and many feel that his music supported his thinking.

Only a cast like this could bring the needed complexity to a miniseries devoted to this writer and composer’s life. Richard Burton plays Wagner; his astonishing supporting cast includes Laurence Oliver, Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, VanessaRedgrave, Marthe Keller, Gabriel Byrne, Joan Plowright, Joan Greenwood, Franco Nero, Arthur Lowe and Cyril Cusack appear in the three part series.

Stream all three parts of Wagner: The Complete Epic Miniseries.

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