Sometimes Even Your Best Friends Are Not What You Expect

July 12, 20174th Man Out is a charming comedy about what happens when one member of a quartet of close, blue-collar friends, finally admits to his life-long buddies that he is gay.

The other three are stunned, disturbed and incredibly unsure about what happens next. They know they need to adjust, but the shocked trio is used to a relationship that has not needed adjustment in a long time. Part of their friendship relies on familiarity, something that just flew out the window.

After a period of adjustment, they decide that whatever their friend’s persuasion, they want to be supportive. The problem is, they are seriously bad at it.

The cast includes Evan Todd (Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever), Parker Young (Suburgatory), Chord Overstreet (Glee) and Jon Gabrus (Flock of Dudes).

Reviews for this feel-good comedy have been stellar.

Variety called it “A sleeper delight about a garage mechanic’s bumpy coming-out to his pack of very heterosexual bros. … [A] thoroughly ingratiating, touchingly heartfelt comedy””

The New York Times said: “Adam, a regular guy who works as a mechanic in his little hometown, comes out on his 24th birthday. After a night of serious partying, he shares the news with his three lifelong buddies, who are completely gobsmacked. …It takes some adjustment, and a great deal of hilarity, to restore their communal equilibrium as they cycle through their poker games, their backyard workout sessions and other rituals. They try to be cool but manage to stumble into every potentially offensive assumption and unintended double entendre.”

Substream Magazine: “… a terrific ensemble cast and strong screenplay makes 4th Man Out something that is very hard to deny. First-time writer Aaron Dancik wonderfully captures the spirit of male camaraderie and all the filth it usually entails without being gratuitous or over the top. The characters in his script feel real and established, as if the story is only scratching the surface of a fictional universe that is fully alive, and when things end you wonder where the lives of the leads will go next….4th Man Out’ is the first heartwarming and hilarious film of 2016.”

4th Man Out is available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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