“Sophie And The Rising Sun” Examines Love In A Time Of Racial Divides

February 21, 2017 — In 1941, in a small fishing village in South Carolina, Grover Ohta, a Japanese-American man, arrives on a bus, severely beaten and barely able to speak.

Anne Morrison (Margo Martindale, Justified) decides to take care of the man until he is well. 

As he recovers he meets and falls in love with a local woman, Sophie (Juliane Nicholson, From Nowhere, Masters of Sex), whose fiancé died in World War I. Their relationship grows slowly and carefully, as the interracial lovers understand that their world will not look kindly on them.

As America enters World War II, locals are increasingly disturbed to find a Japanese-American in their midst, and tempers flare, forcing everyone to consider their position on the issue.

The film regards racial discrimination is a personal and non-preachy way that emphasizes the individual caught in the middle of political divides.

Sophie and the Rising Sun is available on Blu-ray and DVD.
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