STREET DAYS (Quchis Dgeebi)

A middle-aged, unemployed heroin-addict, Checkie, loiters on the Tbilisi street outside his son’s school, where he himself was once a promising student. His wife, meanwhile, struggles to pay the tuition and understand her husband’s lack of interest in the family’s survival—even as the bank repossesses their furniture.

But when a group of policemen blackmails Checkie into entrapping the son of his wealthy friend, husband and wife are unified by the uncertainty of their deepening moral dilemma, and a series of worsening foul-ups, in Levan Koguashvili’s lightly humorous yet realistic drama about the fate of a generation left behind in Georgia’s post-Soviet era.

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“…in the gritty, low-key realism of its strong performances, “Street” finds an absorbing mix of comic anguish and twisted hope — especially in the devastating self-knowledge of Kotetishvili’s gaze.” –Hollywood Reporter

“Mr. Koguashvili and his director of photography, Archil Akhvlediani, use the narrow streets and weathered buildings of Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, to great pictorial effect.” –The New York Times

‘Street Days’ is an official selection of the prestigious, award-winning Global Lens Collection presented by the Global Film Initiative. In Georgian with English subtitles.

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