“Super Dimensional Fortress Macross” Is The Predecessor Of The Anime Super Hit “Robotech”

September 7, 2016 — Before there was Robotech, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross began the story of the survivors of a global war and a devastating alien attack.

This Japanese anime series is the first of three that ran on Japanese television, beginning in 1982. They were so popular they would later be turned into Robotech. 

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross,
 begins the story. An alien spaceship crashes on Earth. Humans work for ten years to reverse-engineer the ship and its systems, both of which are significantly beyond the capabilities of human engineers and scientists. 

After ten years of work, humanoids, known as Zentradi, come in search of the spaceship. War between the Zentradi and humans destroys most of Earth and its people. Humans and some Zentradi will attempt to rebuild the Earth; others will join a colonization mission across the galaxy.

The first 36 episodes represent the origins of the Robotech saga. 

Watch The Super Dimension Fortress Macross on Amazon Prime.
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