In this personal documentary, actress Brook Bello embarks on an international journey to expose her troubled childhood as a runaway from a home marred by sexual abuse. Her troubles escalate when she becomes the victim of human trafficking and is forced into sex slavery and drug use. Brook’s journey is the ultimate triumph of the human spirit in this gripping story of life after trauma.

Brook Bello is a survivor of child sex slavery. She is an author, public speaker, actress, filmmaker, and activist. Her vision, story of survival, and life pursuit to see others free, has had her profiled in numerous publications, including Essence, Ebony, ABC, 700 Club and dozens of other newspapers and e-zines.

Brook teaches about the awareness and prevention of human trafficking as well as the identity discovery, personality disorders, and the neurological aspects of the damage caused by the grave abuse of human trafficking.

In addition to Brook’s groundbreaking documentary, Survivor, she has worked on over 10 TV shows in 68 guest star and recurring roles. She had a starring role in Stargate SGI playing “Dreay Auc” wife of “Teal C.” She has worked with many notable actors such as Angela Bassett, Juliette Lewis, Ralph Fiennes, and Charles Dutton, and directors such as Kathryn Bigelow. Additionally, she has received rave reviews for her theater performances.

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