“Tarzan” Is A Story That Resonates With All Generations

July 27, 2017 — Tarzan is a story for the ages.

Edgar Rice Burroughs created the European child brought up in the jungle, who knows only what he has learned in this natural state. And yet he knows enough to defeat his enemies, in whatever shape they appear.

Tarzan has has may incarnations. In this one he has returned to the jungle after years of living in civilization — a world that has repudiated.

His return to the jungle is a cause for excitement — except that his enemies have invaded the jungle and intend to do him harm. Polluters, poachers and anyone who would do damage to the jungle and his friends has to fight Tarzan and his collection of creatures and pals.

Tarzan, Jane and his group of friends — Cheetah, Tantor, the chimp, and all if the others — create an enemy-free zone in the jungle.

Starring Wolf Larson in an updated version of the Tarzan adventures

Stream three seasons of Tarzan on Amazon Video.
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