The “Animation All-Stars Television Collection” Includes All Of Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

June 6, 2017 — You know you love them all.

Hagar the Horrible, Blondie and Dagwood, Betty Boop and Beetle Bailey — they are household names, and they have all been entertaining us for generations.

1. Betty Boop’s Hollywood Mystery: Betty Boop is the ultimate flapper, driving everyone wild with her short skirts, short curled hair and her baby voice saying “boop boop a doop.” Here she takes on 1930s  Hollywood, which never stands a chance against her.

2. Blondie & Dagwood: They are the perfect couple, a foil for one another’s issues. Here Dagwood gets fired and Blondie gets hired — but what does Dagwood do when he’s all alone in the house? Eat, perhaps?

3. Blondie & Dagwood’s Second Wedding Workout: When Dagwood is promised a bonus by Mr. Dithers, he figures to spend it on Blondie. But she has learned about the bonus and spent it, too. 

4. Beetle Bailey: He is the world’s laziest soldier so is he a likely candidate for inspection by a group of generals from the Pentagon? Everybody better hope so.

5. Hagar the Horrible: Maybe the Dark Ages weren’t all that bad — at least they seem to have been very funny. 

6. Romance of Betty Boop: Betty just has too many romantic entanglements to handle — even for the ultimate flapper.

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