“The Back-Up Bride” Delivers Rom-Com Fun

June 5, 2017 — She’s the one that got away.

Joe and Amy expected to get married and move to Los Angeles from their hometown in Texas. But things fall apart, there are misunderstandings, and Amy flies off alone, believing Joe has changed his mind.

Seven years go by. It is Christmas Eve and Joe is on the verge of marrying Daisy. She is cute, wealthy, and the daughter of Joe’s boss. But she is also controlling, possessive and, without question, a settle for him, because he never got over Amy.

Who, of course, shows up, just before the wedding, with Serge, her business partner right behind her. Carrying a ring.

Joe is suddenly filled with doubt and confusion, trying to figure out who he really wants to marry.

While Daisy is having a bachelorette party (complete with her Christian girlfriends who bought her a porno tape at the Christian Adults Toy Shop), Joe is learning what his heart really wants.

Great performances by Daniel Bonjour (The Walking Dead), Leena Huff (The Real O’Neals), Jen Lilley (Days of Our Lives), Richard Karn (Home Improvement) and Richard Riehle (Office Space), plus well-observed details and timing make this a rom-com treat.

Stream The Back-up Bride on Amazon Video.
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