“The Bloodstained Butterfly” Is A Vintage Giallo Mystery

March 16, 2017 — Alessandro Marchi is convicted of the murder of a college girl in a park.

Hi trial is rigged against him. He is unaware that his attorney is having an affair with Maria, Alessandro’s wife, and both prefer that he is convicted and out of the way.

The trial is rigged against him for many reasons. Finally, When his most important witness fails to show up at his trial, he is sentenced to life in prison.

But after he is put in jail, the murders continue.

Investigations now have to start up again, since the murderer is obviously still at large — and still in murder mode.

The Bloodstained Butterfly is a prime example of giallo, the 20th century Italian thriller/slasher/horror/crime genre, with an unexpectedly realistic tone and plot.

In Italian, with English subtitles.

Duccio Tessari (director, The Return of Ringo, writer, A Fistful of Dollars) directed.

Watch The Bloodstained Butterfly on Amazon Video.
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