“The Bullet Collector” Is A Moody, Tough Examination Of The Troubled Life Of A 14-Year Old Outsider

January 12, 2017 —  Bullet Collector is about a 14-year old boy who tries to imagine his way out of the terrible life that he leads.

He is bullied in school, seriously mistreated by his step-father. He is a true outsider, frequently attacked, never included.

He begins to create the world he wants to lead in his head, a world where he is the tough guy, the instigator of violence, the one who comes out on top. But his life is becoming a lie on all levels and he is making enemies.

Finally he ends up in a reform school, where he begins to create the world that used to exist only in his mind. 

Visually creative, strongly violent, tough and dark, Bullet Collector will be hard to forget.

This remarkable first feature by Russian director Aleksandr Vartanov has been likened to François Truffaut’s 400 Blowsbut with a violent, tortured, Russian spin. 

In Russian, with English subtitles.

Bullet Collector is available on DVD and Blu-ray or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.
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