“The Cake Eaters” Is A Romance With An All-Star Cast

July 17, 2017 — Romance is supposed to be automatic. You meet, fall in love, and everything is roses and candlelight. But the truth is that romance is often not so easy.

The people in The Cake Eaters are all going through difficult times and their relationships have to be worked out in the midst of emotional upheaval. 

The Cake Eaters
was the directorial debut of Mary Stuart Masterson (Chances Are, Fried Green Tomatoes, Some Kind of Wonderful), who chose the family drama/love story as her first vehicle.

The Kimborough family, living  in a small town, is dealing with the recent death of the family’s matriarch (Melissa Leo, The Fighter). Easy, the father (Bruce Dern, Coming Home), is dealing with grief and guilt over a longtime affair; Beagle (Aaron Stanford, X-Men II) the youngest son, is at loose ends; and older son Guy (Jayce Bartok, The Fisher King), was living in a big city, separated from his family for years, and has heard of his mother’s death too late to return for her funeral.

His return reveals that his high school girlfriend has moved on and has a family of her own. Easy’s affair with local woman Marg (Elizabeth Ashley, Treme) is revealed. And Marg’s granddaughter Georgia (Kristen Stewart, Twilight), is a young girl with an incurable and debilitating disease, who yearns to fall in love before it’s too late.

Since the movie came out, Melissa Leo would go on to win a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award® for her work in The Fighter and Kristen Stewart would become one of the most recognizable and sought-after actresses in the world.

The Cake Eaters is available on DVD or Blu-ray or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.

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