The Controversial “White Girl” Is Available For Pre-Order On DVD

March 7, 2017 — It’s one of those films — people love it or hate it.

White Girl, Elizabeth Wood’s semi-autobiographical rumination on being young, pretty, white and privileged in New York City, is a fever dream of drugs, sex and parties as seen through the eyes of Leah, a Mid-Western college sophomore who has come to the City to spend her summer months at a n internship at a glossy magazine.

Leah (Morgan Saylor, Homeland) has a job, but shortly after arriving there, she becomes more involved in having sex and doing drugs with her boss (Justin Bartha, The Hangover) than with actually doing any work.

And when she hooks up with Blue (Brian “Sene”Marc, a Latino drug dealer who hangs out near her apartment, she suddenly devises a plan to have him sell coke at a significant profit to her upscale boss and his well-heeled friends.

But the plan goes wrong and Blue is arrested — and with priors, he faces a serious jail sentence. Leah finds a lawyer to try and get him off, but doesn’t realize that the lawyer (Chris Noth, Sex and the City) will charge by the hour, and soon finds herself in a mountain of debt.

The Washington Post stated “…this New York drama is an impressive and heartbreaking debut from writer-director Elizabeth Wood. …Inspired by Larry Clark’s controversial 1995 film “Kids” and by Wood’s own college experience, “White Girl” vividly charts what is at times a violent culture clash. But it is the young lovers’ desperate attempt to bridge the gap between their worlds that makes the film so deeply moving.”

White Girl is Available for pre-order on DVD; the title will release on April 11.

The Blu-ray Special Director’s Edition is available immediately  and contains the official White Girl theatrical trailer, press teaser trailer, bonus features including director’s commentary (with writer/director Elizabeth Wood, producer Gabriel Nussbaum, actors Morgan Saylor and Brian Marc), exclusive deleted scenes, the audition tapes of Morgan Saylor and Brian Marc and special extended “Gratuitous Party” footage.

You can stream White Girl immediately on Amazon Video.

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