The Critics Agree That “My Father Die” Is A Stunning Debut For Director Sean Brosnan

January 16, 2017 — Very few directorial debuts are met with reviews this remarkable. But My Father Die, directed by Sean Brosnan, is the exception. The multiple award-winning film was a hit throughout the festival circuit.

“My Father, Die is a hard hitting southern gothic tale of a revenge gone wrong. It’s the debut feature of Sean Brosnan (son of Pierce Brosnan) and is as beautifully photographed, and shot, as it is relentlessly brutal. …
My Father, Die is an accomplished debut, as well as being a truly satisfying and compelling genre film.” Britflicks

“The family revenge thriller has been done to death (no pun intended), but Sean Brosnan’s debut feature My Father Die is a step above the rest. With three outstanding central performances, a fantastic score and incredible drama, My Father Die might be one of the best movies of 2016.

Brosnan isn’t afraid to hold back in his script, and his visceral direction reflects that. … My Father Die never uses violence or sexual violence as a tool to shock, but as an implement to further his story and characters. …My Father Die also keeps the audience on its toes by constantly playing with expectation. Just when you think its going in one direction, it changes the road markings.

This is only improved by the aforementioned sublime central performances. Joe Anderson doesn’t say one word in the entire movie but emotes more character than dialogue ever could. His dishevelled look is juxtaposed against his innocently sweet face and baby blue eyes, almost as if his life would have been totally different with alternative parentage. Candace Smith is equally as great as webcam girl and all-round sweetheart Nana, but My Father Die is Gary Stretch’s movie. Hot damn, call the police, fireman, national guard and armed forces because he gives a killer performance. Every single frame he’s on screen is owned by him, and all his movements, line deliveries and mannerisms are impeccable. It’s a career best for Stretch, who has already shown how great he can be in films like Dead Man’s Shoes.

Perhaps the most impressive thing on display here is that My Father Die is Sean Brosnan’s first movie – which means he can only get better and learn more from here. A stunning debut, My Father Die is absolutely brilliant, thrilling and terrifying.” Flickering

My Father Die opens on January 20. Check here for theaters and schedules.

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