The Daily Beast Calls “The Sunshine Makers” “…The Rare Documentary To Function As Time Capsule, Philosophical Inquiry, And Rollicking Thriller All At Once”

December 8, 2016 — It is entirely possible that Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully really believed that they could save the world through the production and dissemination of the mind-altering drug LSD.

It might be hard to credit that as coherent thought now, but the 1960s and 1970s were a different time.

While living at Timothy Leary’s Milbrook estate, Sands claims he decided that the distribution of as much LSD as possible would greatly benefit the human race by expanding everyone’s consciousness. And after meeting up with Tim Scully, a brilliant scientist who turned his talents to the large scale production of quality LSD — which came to be known by the name of “Orange Sunshine” — he believed he had found the path.

Of course, once federal Drug Enforcement Agency Special Agents became aware of the fact that these men were creating massive amounts of LSD, they began the hunt for them as they built their case against them.

Nick Sands still says he believed psychedelic drugs would help save the world and felt that producing them was a humanitarian effort; the federal agents bent on stopping Sands and Scully believed they wanted to get rich, and that in order to do that 
they were laying waste to a significant part of the population. 

This is the basis for the acclaimed documentary The Sunshine Makers, directed by Cosmo Feilding-Mellen. The film includes interviews with Sands and Scully, some of the agents involved in arresting them and other people involved in the creation and dissemination of the drug.

The Daily Beast characterized the film by saying “The Sunshine Makers paints a nuanced portrait of behavior at once principled, naïve, and dangerous, culminating with a successful flight from justice that’s almost staggering in its length. An ode to the counterculture’s well-intentioned ethos and the dubious conduct it spawned, Mellen’s film is the rare documentary to function as time capsule, philosophical inquiry, and rollicking thriller all at once—as well as a cautionary tale about the crazy lengths people will go to experience a heavenly high.”

The Sunshine Makers, which had its world premiere at Doc NYC, opens theatrically tomorrow. Check here for theaters and times.
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