The Figures Of This Boy’s Wildest Imagination Come True

August 10, 2017 — So few movies area fun for children and for parents alike. But Pirates of the Plain beat all expectations — funny, snide, entertaining and enjoyable, whoever chooses to watch it.

Bobby is a sensitive young boy whose imagination catches up with him. Bored in his Midwestern neighborhood, he welcomes the arrival of a pirate who has just fallen out of the atmosphere and into a completely new experience — life in an almost-2st century cornfield. Of course, having used an open window in time, Jack’s enemies do the same thing.

Family-friendly without being silly or adult-insulting, Pirates of the Plain is just fun for everyone.

Starring the great Tim Curry — who could do just about anything — as Jezebel Jack, a swaggering pirate (or as he prefers to put it, “an adventurer of independent means”), the film co-stars Dee Wallace and Seth Adkins.

Stream Pirates of the Plain on Amazon Video.
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