“The Greasy Strangler” Is Available On DVD Today

May 9, 2017 —  The Greasy Strangler is an almost indescribable film. 

The Playlist included it in its list of “The 50 Most Anticipated Films of the Fall Season,” calling it the “…future cult classic “The Greasy Strangler.” 

Boom Howdy says “Flush your expectations down the toilet, because you have never seen a slasher film or a father-son comedy like this before. Writer/Director Jim Hosking has made an outrageously off-kilter feature film debut that is equal parts disgusting, offensive, and manically entertaining.”

Birth. Movie. Death. “What I love most about The Greasy Strangler is how confrontational it is with its puerile honesty. …This is a WEIRD movie. This is a sick movie. This is a movie that gleefully grosses you out and is ecstatically edgy. …The Greasy Strangler is the kind of madness of which we dream, a movie that can be vile and sweet at once, a scuzzy m******k that cackles and laughs while also taking itself seriously. I despaired that in a world filled with Sharknadoes and Gentlemen Broncos we would never again see true crusty weirdness on this scale. Jim Hosking and The Greasy Strangler has come to save me.”

Those of you who have been waiting — and you know who you are — The Greasy Strangler arrives, all slimy and pink, on DVD today.

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