“The Greasy Strangler” Opens Today

October 7, 2016 — The wait is over.

One of the most talked-about, eagerly anticipated movies from the Sundance Film Festival, The Greasy Strangler, is opening theatrically today.

The film has proven to be a divisive, love-it-or-hate-it experience for reviewers.

Now it is time for everyone to make up their own minds.

Birth. Movie. Death  says of the film, “What I love most about The Greasy Strangler is how confrontational it is with its puerile honesty. …This is a WEIRD movie. This is a sick movie. This is a movie that gleefully grosses you out and is ecstatically edgy. …The Greasy Strangler is the kind of madness of which we dream, a movie that can be vile and sweet at once, a scuzzy m******k that cackles and laughs while also taking itself seriously. I despaired that in a world filled with Sharknadoes and Gentlemen Broncos we would never again see true crusty weirdness on this scale. Jim Hosking and The Greasy Strangler has come to save me.”

And Flickering Myth claims “The Greasy Strangler is a welcome dose of fetishised grease, animal drippings and monster hogs. Jim Hosking found a niche and took it to its absolute furthest point. All together now, “HOOTIE, TOOTIE, DISCO, CUTIE.”

According to Quiet Earth, “There are so many words that can describe The Greasy Strangler, Jim Hosking’s feature directorial debut: gross, vile, disturbing, demented, cheap, disgusting, offensive, flatulent. I’m probably leaving out another hundred or so. But damned if I wasn’t thoroughly entertained by this uproariously funny film that defies description. It may be difficult to grasp considering how extreme it is, but at its heart the film is a touching story about the often awkward father-son relationship. …Like much of the oeuvre of John Waters, it’s gross-out comedy with a heart.”

See it for yourself.

Check here for theaters and times.
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