“The High Schooler’s Guide To College Parties,” Seems Like Such A Good Idea

June 19, 2017 — Shaquille (Nate Rubin) thinks his high school years were a waste.

Having spent four years as one of the school geeks, he decides that his college years will be different, even if it involves cozying up to his cousin Brett, who happens to be a world-class jerk. But that jerk is on the scholarship committee of the school Shaquille wants to go to, and he belongs to all the right social groups. 

Shaquille decides to make up for all of the years that the two didn’t get along in one go — by throwing the best college party Brett has ever gone to.

It sounds like such a good idea, but the reality proves to be a lot more difficult than Shaquille had realized.

Soon Shaquille is knee-deep in a party that has broken loose, and his future looks more ominous than ever.

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