When a motion picture crew decides to use the supposedly-cursed Beal Mansion as the location for their latest horror film, they do not realize that they are tampering with the supernatural. According to legend, seven Beal descendants met violent, but “accidental” ends in the ancient house, and the latest Beal victim had been dabbling in the occult before her untimely demise. When headstrong director Eric Hartman (John Ireland) demands that his leading lady Gayle (Faith Domergue) recite actualpassages from the Tibetan Book of the Dead during the filming, he unleashes long-dead spirits that begin to re-enact the historical Beal murders and exact their own bloody revenge on the trespassers. What secret connection does caretaker Edgar Price (John Carradine) have to the Beal family curse? And what do the empty picture frame and unmarked grave have to do with the mystery – could there be a remaining member of the Beal family lurking about, with murder on his mind?

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