“The Inheritance” Is Filed With Old-Fashioned Charm

July 13, 2017 — She is everything that a heroine should be.

Beautiful, young, an orphan, Edith Adelon is supposed to be a companion to a 19th century New England girl, but her outgoing nature, charm and natural goodness raise her above the usual order of companion.

The only difficulty is that she has fallen deeply in love with one of the young men she is supposed to vet for her good friend.

This is romance with all of the trimmings — beautiful locations and lovely settings are the perfect foils for the people who instinctively understand their place in the world.

The Inheritance is the first novel by a teenaged Louisa May Alcott who would go on to write such all-time classics as Little Women; it has the same romantic principles and values of many of her writings.

The Inheritance is available for streaming on Amazon Video.
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