“The Lesser Blessed” Has Brilliant Performances Supporting A Challenging And Emotional Film

June 29, 2016 —  Larry is a troubled First Nation teenager living in an isolated region of Northwest Canada.

His world is a trial of poverty, drugs and depression that he must learn to navigate. His abusive father, his own drug use, his family history and a mystery from his past all combine to create a tough environment in which a teenager tries to find his own way.

He and his friends attempt to find their individual paths, relying on each other, but unwilling to get too close. They have to deal with racism, hormones and their defensive teenage egos.

Joel Nathan Evans gives a brilliant performance as Larry in The Lesser Blessed. The Northern Journal reported, “Beating out superstars Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro, first-time teen actor Joel Evans from Fort Smith, NWT won the title of “outstanding actor in a leading role” last week at the 10th annual Red Nation Film Festival in Los Angeles for his portrayal of Larry Sole in The Lesser Blessed.”

Quill & Quire described the film, saying “[Richard Van Camp’s “The Lesser Blessed” is] “Holden Caulfield with sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll.”

Benjamin Bratt and Chloe Rose co-star in this acclaimed, award-winning movie.

The Lesser Blessed is available for on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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