The Partition Of India Was A Political Situation With Enormous Personal Consequences

August 4, 2107 — Set against the turbulent emotions that accompanied the split of Hindu India and Moslem Pakistan, Partition explores the emotions and the hatreds that ran so close to the surface.

But the love between Gian, a Sikh, and Naseem, a Muslim, cannot be denied, and the pair marries and has a son, Vijay.

But soon Naseem learns of the existence of her family, and she is determined to see them. Soon, however, her family has forbidden her to see the Sikh family she has become part of.

The struggles of this family who has found love only to be pulled apart (and based on true stories of those separated by the partition) for the basis of this compelling and heartfelt story of love set against the hysteria of the time.

Partition is available on Prime Video.
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