The Perfect Vacation For All Armchair Travelers — Watch “Ultimate Journeys” And See The Most Amazing Places In The World

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January 11, 2016 — It’s the time of year when all armchair travelers put on their slippers, pull up a blanket — and fantasize about traveling to the most beautiful, the most extreme, the most exotic places on earth.

Here is the perfect accompaniment for those dreams of escape — Ultimate Journeys, the Discovery Channel documentary series which put some of the world’s most remarkable places on display.

The show ran for four seasons and managed to visit an amazing collection of gorgeous and exciting sites.

Season One took in Antarctica, following the the paths of great explorers and looking into how to preserve this icy wilderness which houses 70% of the earth’s fresh water; magnificent Chile, a country of extraordinary geography, from icy high mountains to gorgeous, enormous vineyards and large modern cities; Shanghai, a city of extremes, which mixes past glories, Communist era memories and a modern metropolis preparing to take its place as a powerhouse in the future; Micronesia, a collection of 2,000 islands which are home to indigenous populations holding onto their original cultures and a vast array of the earth’s most fascinating marine life — everything from sharks, crocodiles and manta rays; and Vietnam, a country that was for so long off limits to the average traveler, but one which has opened its doors and allowed the outside world to bear witness to its extravagant beauty.
 Season Two gave us a look at the world’s adult playground, Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, with its oasis of nightlife, street life and extreme lighting displays tucked into a desert; Philippines, a nation of contrasts, with more than 100 million people, an ancient history and disparate living situations; Bali, one of the world’s dream destinations, which has more than just some of the most fabulous beaches earth — it also is a country of ancient and fascinating traditions and celebrations; Japan, which kept its doors closed for hundreds of years, only to open them to display a country of mysterious traditions and extreme beauty; Botswana, which contains one of the world’s largest wetlands in an area where survival is an everyday struggle — both for people and for animals; and Bulgaria, one of Europe’s less traveled corners, where history and tradition hold sway over a land set between the Danube and the Black Sea. 
Season Three shows us the extremes of western Canada, where modern cities sit near a sprawling wilderness which houses a vast collection of magnificent wild animals; Queensland, the exotic and wild area of Australia, where wildlife exists in a a lush and tropical area, and people seek out adventure in extreme landscapes; the Northern Territories of Australia, a harsh environment of desert, swamps and extraordinary sandstone formations that has kept the region sparsely populated by people — but which is home to many indigenous creatures, including crocodiles and kangaroos; South Africa, often considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, an area of lushness, gorgeous coastlines and fascinating land and sea creatures; the Maldives are a tropical archipelago off the coast of India with magnificent beaches and gorgeous flora; they are noted for their pristine coral reefs which are home to an enormous variety of sea life; and Florida, one of America’s great vacation spots, with a huge length of coastline, a tropical climate and an economy largely based on vacations and fun-seekers.

Season Four opens with a journey to Turkey, which lies in both Europe and Asia and has connections to both. Its architecture and history are a testament to the many cultures which have left their marks on this area — the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans have all added to the cultural richness of this intriguing and beautiful country; Norway, where the coastline is like no other, formed by millennia of  glaciers which have created a haven for winter sports and unusual wildlife; Mallorca, the Balearic Island off the coast of Spain, which enchants tourists with beautiful beaches, underground caves, a rich cultural background and top-level dining; London, the perennial tourist favorite, with more that 2,000 years of recorded history, delights visitors from around the globe with its top-flight hotels, its incredible dining and its tradition of royalty and splendor that can be seen in its palaces and institutions; New Zealand, home to active volcanoes, glaciers, uninhabited wilds and tourist areas, and is one of the most diverse countries on earth; and Iceland, with an extreme geography of volcanic landscapes, geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers and beaches, which nevertheless has turned itself into a major tourist attraction for those seeking out a serious nightlife.

So settle in for an around-the-world trip that will take you to the most remarkable places on earth — without the luggage, airport security or missed connections.
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