The Reality Television Series “State Parole” Follows Officers Who Put Themselves In Danger In Order To Apprehend Criminals

August 19, 2016 — State parole officers are required to monitor criminals who have recently been released from prison.

Usually, the people a parole officer is responsible for keeping an eye on are those who have been released during their sentence; they are being permitted to serve the remainder of their sentence within the community rather than in jail but they must do so  under supervision.

Occasionally, as in the cases of registered sex offenders and violent offenders, parole officers are required to keep tabs on them even after the incarceration period has ended. These officers are also responsible for apprehending those criminals who break parole.

State Parole is a reality television series that follows the men and women who perform this task as they go through their daily routines. 

Through 22 episodes, officers from around the country were trailed as they apprehended numerous repeat offenders, parole-breakers, parolees who miss mandatory appointments and drug tests, or who own weapons and drugs. Apprehending these offenders often involves danger and nerve-wracking car chases.

These criminals do not give up easily.

Watch the complete series of State Parole and see these courageous men and women at work.

State Parole is available on Blu-ray and DVD.
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