“The Road To Livinston” Ends With Either Death Or Freedom

June 14,2017 — Delia Perez Meyer is part of a group most of us hope we never belong to — she is one of the people who are connected, somehow, to someone on Death Row.

In her case, her brother is on Death Row. She has been fighting for more than a decade to free him.

This js not how she imagined her life.

In September, 1998, two women and a small child were killed in Austin, Texas. Angel Maturino Resendiz confessed to killing the two women. Delia Perez Meyer’s brother, Louis Castro Perez, was convicted in 1999 of the killings as well. 

Resendiz would be executed in 2006; he would never confess to killing the little girl. 

Delia Perez Meyer has maintained her brother’s innocence in all three killings from the very beginning. She has fought for DNA testing for re-trials, for anything she felt would prevent her brother from being executed for the murders. She believes that Resendiz was solely responsible. “But when he talked about the murders, he did not discuss killing the little girl,” Meyer says. “So therefore, we were unable to use that.”

In the 17 years since her brother was convicted and sentenced to death, Perez Meyer has made the four hour trip from her home to the prison in Livingston, Texas where her brother awaits execution, every week. During these trips she has met others whose friends and family members sit on Death Row. These people have become a second family, the only one that understands the pain and grief of her situation better than outsiders can.

Those who love someone sitting on Death Row become victims, too. 

The Road to Livingston gives those whose world has no point of intersection with the world of Death Row a look at those whose world revolves around it — the inmates, those who work inside the prison, the friends and families, the people in the area of a Death Row prison, particularly those who make their living providing services to the jail — these are all a part of the death row community. 

Since her brother’s conviction, Delia Perez Meyer has become an outspoken advocate for the abolition of the death penalty.

The Road to Livingston is a heartfelt documentary that depicts a world and a part of society that most people, happily, know little about.

Watch The Road to Livingston here.

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