The Special Director’s Edition Of “Lolo,” Julie Delpy’s Delightful Rom-Com, Is Available On DOD And Blu-Ray

June 14, 2016 —Indiewire Playlist  summed up the charm and humor of Julie Delpy’s latest comedy:

“Julie Delpy‘s sixth directorial feature “Lolo” features long stretches of perhaps her most accomplished and enjoyable character-comedy yet. [It’s] …deceptively progressive––especially in its portrayal of a fabulously foulmouthed and dirty-minded central female friendship. …Delpy’s facility for creating chatty, funny, memorable characters––especially women––is rare, precious, and fully on view here.”

Lolo is a dark comedy/romance, in which a sophisticated 40-something career woman (played by the delicious Delpy) on vacation surprises herself by falling in love with an rough and unsophisticated man (played by French comic superstar Dany Boon, Welcome to the Sticks) who also happens to be a nice guy. And when he moves to Paris and shows her that he wants to be part of her life, she is surprised, pleased and nervous.

As well she should be. Because lurking in the shadows is her teenaged son, a spoiled, self-interested, Oedipally-challenged young man nicknamed Lolo, who has no intention of sharing his mother with another man. He uses all of his guile and wits to break up the happy couple. And his mother doesn’t have a clue about her son’s intentions.

Special Director’s Edition includes Q & A session with director Julie Delpy. DVD and Blu-Ray are in French with English subtitles.

The Special Director’s Edition of Lolo is available today on Blu-Ray and DVD, or watch Lolo online at Amazon Video.

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