The Students Have To Learn How To Survive The Night On “Unhallowed Ground”

July 14, 2017 — It’s the kind of school anyone would want to go to. The prestigious and privileged Dhoultham School has a long and storied history.

Unfortunately, the stories include ritualistic murder and Satanic pacts. In the 17th century, fearing death by the plague, the students of the school made a pact with the devil which required them to murder four of their own in a ritual sacrifice. 

In modern times, 6 students, newbie military cadets, are left at the school when it closes down for holidays to make sure that the grounds are policed. But they fail to stop intruders from breaking in and stealing documents and artifacts.

And there appears to be some spectral entity guarding the school who is not amused when the disruption occurs. The apparitions become more disturbing, and it is possible that the demons are back for more sacrifices. 

The cadets find themselves stuck in the school, unable to leave and desperate to live through the night…

Horror Cult Films says: Unhallowed Ground is a welcome treat to the British horror genre and by sticking with it,  offers a killer twist which will honestly stun you…”

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