These Are “The FBI Files” Cases That Are Truly Special

March 1, 2017 — These are the cases that were too involved and too significant to fit into the original FBI Files format.

The FBI Files Special — Dangerous Pursuit investigates the 1974 crime spree of Paul John Knowles which included serial rapes, multiple murders and robbery. Knowles claimed to be responsible for 35 deaths, although 20 have been corroborated. 

The FBI Files Special — Flight from Justice investigates one of the most notorious of all unsolved crimes. On Thanksgiving eve, 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper bought a plane ticket at Portland International airport for Seattle. During the flight he hijacked the plane, informing a stewardess that he had a bomb with him. He demanded (and received) four parachutes and $200,000 during a stop at Seattle. He kept the flight crew on the plane and parachuted out. That would be the last that anyone ever saw or heard of the man who came to be known as D.B. Cooper. The FBI has investigated the crime since that night.

The FBI Files Special — The Deadly Dentist
 investigates the crimes of Glennon Engleman, a St. Louis dentist who was a serial killer and who managed to evade the police for decades. 

The FBI Files Special — Cruel Deception describes the crimes of “Mike” DeBardeleben, whose counterfeiting work brought him to the attention of the FBI, but they would discover through their investigations that the man was also a serial rapist and murderer.

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