THIRST (Atash)

After one of his daughters “shamed” him, Abu Shukri brought his family to the edge of nowhere, to scratch out a living by burning wood to make charcoal. When he decided that the family would build a pipeline to bring in running water, he set off a chain of events that alters life irrevocably. A masterfully shot tale of repression and control in a harsh landscape that examines the dynamic of power within a family stretched to the breaking point. Working with a cast of first-time actors, director Tawfik Abu Wael crafts a story that is both archetypal and yet deeply rooted in the social conflicts of the Middle East.

“Thirst shows a thoroughly Palestinian sensibility and showcases a strong new talent in first-time director Tawfik Abu Wael. Its expressive use of imagery and acting have real power. Amazingly, all the actors are non-pros. Assaf Sudry’s widescreen cinematography turns the dusty valley into a place of mythic dimensions, while bathing the characters in expressive shadows. The smoke and flames of infernally burning stacks of woods add further angst.”-Variety

“Abu Wael is definitely worth watching. First for the judicious choice of his cast, none of them professional, who are remarkably expressive, but also for his visual flair, his use of locations and, most of all, his courageous moral attitude.” -Screen International

‘Thirst’ is an official selection of the prestigious, award-winning Global Lens Collection presented by the Global Film Initiative.

In Arabic with English subtitles.

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