This Cult Slasher Offers Thrills, Chills and Blood — Lots of It

September 28, 2017 —
What would you do if the people you loved most turned on you?

This is the case for Ed, a young suburbanite who accidentally fatally shot his mother while cleaning a family rifle. His father Big Ed never forgave him and the two became estranged. When Big Ed calls up a year later asking for assistance with the family business, Ed has no idea that agreeing to help means falling right into a trap. Out for revenge, Big Ed hunts his son and friends with whatever tools he can find at his disposal: a sword, a pick axe, a giant fish hook and more.

Gore and body horror are part and parcel of this appropriately-named slasher hit — you won’t want to look away, but you may have no choice.

The Mutilator is available to stream on Amazon Prime.
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