This Is Romance In Modern-Day France — Charming, Caustic And Droll

July 6, 2017 — She is a 40-something French woman (Julie Delpy), a workaholic in the chic design world. He is a 40-something computer geek (Dany Boon, Welcome to the Sticks), with brains but no style.

He’s the perfect person for a holiday fling, and she goes along with it. Until something terrible happens. She falls for the geek.

The problem is that she has a son, whom she calls Lolo. She is used to spoiling him, and he is used to being spoiled.

He doesn’t like being the second man in his mother’s life, so he determines to get rid of the other guy by any means possible.

See the glorious Julie Delpy (Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, Before Midnight) in this comedy of the heart – – with a strong sense of French sarcasm.

See Lolo on Amazon Video or own the Blu-ray and DOD of the Special Director’s Cut.

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