This Yakuza Film Series Provides Enough Adrenaline to Get You Through the Rest of the Year

September 12, 2017 —
 Black markets. Gambling. Drugs. Prostitution. Contract killing. This is the lifestyle of the yakuza.

The seminal yakuza film series Battles Without Honor and Humanity follows the violent trials of Shozo Hirono, an ex-soldier-turned-gangster in the yakuza culture of post-war Japan, as local crime families and organizations fight and feud. This documentary-like film series spans ten years of black market sales, backstabbing brothers, meth dealing, assassinations and more as Shozo and his allies do whatever it takes to stay alive on the mean streets of the Hiroshima Prefecture.

With gangster politics resulting in gruesome torture, explosive car chases and sensational actions sequences, this is a box set that doesn’t fail to deliver every single time.

The films are based largely in part on the memoirs of Japanese journalist Kōichi Iiboshi, who studied yakuza conflicts for decades, making the action you see on screen all the more real — and all the more sinister. Directed by legendary creative Kinji Fukasaku (Battle Royale), among others.

Battles Without Honor and Humanity is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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