Twin Brothers Battle it Out in this Raucous 80s Slasher

September 19, 2017 —
 Terry and Todd are identical twins with loving parents…who they just happen to witness having sex.

As traumatizing as this is for any child, Terry can’t shake the image from his mind, and this opens the floodgates to his catching people in the act regularly. Unable to cope, Terry violently murders a young man he finds having sex with his girlfriend in the back of a car, frames Todd for the murder and sees Todd sent away to an asylum.

Ten years later, Terry’s insanity is triggered again. In a twist of bloody fate, it is at this time that Todd has escaped from the mental asylum. Certain that Todd will be out for revenge, Terry begins his journey to once again frame Todd so he’ll  be locked up for life.

In this classic 80s slasher, all delicate sensibilities are set aside for healthy heaps of sensuality, violence, and horror as two brothers fight for and against justice. But who will come out of the bloodbath victorious?

Blood Rage is available to stream on Amazon Prime.
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