Twins Find Their Psychic Connection Gets Them Through Decades Of Difficulties In “On The Black Hill”

May 18, 2017 — Based on an award-winning novel by Bruce Chatwin (Patagonia), On The Black Hill tells the story of a family living near the Welsh/English border, thrown together on their remote sheep farm.

Their lives take place in an insular world. The father and the mother, who fell in love when they were young and hopeful, no longer have any real relationship and yet they stay together.

The father is self-destructive but he also has an unfortunate tendency to try to destroy his wife as well, for being smarter, more educated and better born.

But the twin sons, Benjamin and Lewis, have in one another the kind of relationship that is strengthened by the remoteness and quietness of their farm.

They have a psychic bond, one that grows over time. And nothing but the power of the English government can tear them apart.

One twin is sent to war, the other isn’t; it is their only time apart. They re-connect afterwards, as close as before.

Through decades, they deal with one another, through land issues, women, the trials of sheep farming, and all of the details that life involves.

Starring Aled Baker, Rhys Baker and Gemma Jones (Bridget Jones’ Diary, Sense and Sensibility).

Stream On the Black Hill on Amazon Video.
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