Ultimate Journeys

Southern Chile is perhaps, the ultimate travel destination. It has extreme icy mountain realms of unimaginable beauty, drama and thrills; enormous vineyards displaying the decadence of bygone days; and the cosmopolitan metropolis of Santiago which adds a modern ending to an incredible journey. Las Vegas is the world’s biggest grown-up playground, attracting over 30 million tourists a year. Two and a half thousand kilometers of neon lighting welcome you to Las Vegas, a totally unique destination! ‘Sin City’ emerged from the desert less than one hundred years ago but thanks to gambling — which was made legal in the 1930’s — the city exploded into life. Explore a Las Vegas you’ve never seen. Turkey, a land that traverses continents: where Europe and Asia collide. Over two thousand years of civilization have left this country with a rich architectural legacy, from the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. Turkey’s cities and ancient ruins are a must- see for any traveler.

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